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One of the most appreciated platform is Xbox 360. I was curious about a top 10 Xbox 360 Car Racing Games, so I’ve browsed around to find a statistic that is trustful. I have found one on  According to Eric Qualls from Guide top 10 Xbox 360 racing game are:

1. Forza Motorsport  – Microsoft

Forza 3 is the best racing game on the Xbox 360. Between the sheer numbers of cars and tracks, the great customization options, the amazing gameplay complete with tons of difficulty adjustments to ensure players of all skill levels can play, and the awesome sense of community online, Forza 3 is an exceptionally good racing game all around. This is as close to a perfect racing game as you’ll find on the Xbox 360.

2. Project Gotham Racing 4 – Microsoft

PGR4 takes everything that was great about previous entries in the series and improves it. It looks better, has a far better car list, has a better career mode, and just plain has more stuff to do. The gameplay is as sharp as ever as well. Project Gotham Racing 4 is a solid racing game that Xbox 360 owners will be proud to have in their collection.

3. Dirt 2 – Codemasters

Dirt 2 is the best offroad racing game of this gen so far. It takes everything that made the first Dirt good and polishes it even more to produce a bigger, better looking, better playing game that is a must buy for racing fans. The gameplay is a satisfying mix of arcade and sim that is surprisingly forgiving, so players of all skill levels will be able to pick it up and have fun. It also doesn’t hurt that it is one of the prettiest looking racing games yet.

4. Grid – Codemasters

Just like it revitalized the Colin McRae Rally series with DIRT, Codemasters has tweaked and tuned the Pro Race Driver series into GRID and turned an enjoyable but niche series into one of the best racers on the market. It straddles the line between simulation and arcade to produce a racer that rewards you for driving correctly, but also doesn’t penalize you if you want to break the wheels loose and throw the car around corners. GRID is just plain fun.

5. F1 2010 – Codemasters

Codemasters has been making awesome racing games for seemingly forever. TOCA Race Driver, DiRT, GRID, FUEL (hey, we liked it) – if a racing game comes from Codemasters there is usually reason to be excited about it. With these lofty expectations, we tore into Codies’ latest racer and first entry into Formula 1, F1 2010. And we were not disappointed. It is a little rough due to some glitches, but the presentation and core gameplay is everything we expected and more.


6.  Burnout Paradise – EA


EA and Criterion have finally delivered the first true next-gen Burnout, and the results are pretty impressive for the most part. The game maintains the blazingly fast racing, slick visuals, and bone shattering crashes of the past, but adds in a few new bells and whistles to keep the series fresh. Not all of the changes were for the better, however, but even with a few lackluster race modes, Burnout Paradise is still an excellent racing game overall that is worth a look.


7. Split/Second – Disney Interactive


Split/Second takes the best parts of kart racers, Burnout, and Project Gotham and mashes them into one game with fairly spectacular results. This is a game about blowing stuff up to not only crash your opponents, but dramatically alter the layout of the entire course. It isn’t particularly deep, but when everything clicks together it is amazingly satisfying and fun.



8. Midnight Club: Los Angeles – Rockstar


Midnight Club’s first appearance in the hi-def era has taken a long time to get here, but the wait has certainly been worth it. Midnight Club: Los Angeles delivers a near photo realistic L.A. for you to tear around in at breakneck speeds. The racing is fun. The graphics are gorgeous. And there is a ton of stuff to do. The difficulty level may present a few roadblocks, but for race fans Midnight Club: L.A. is worth a look.

9. Need for Speed: Most wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted is literally the best of all of the Need for Speed worlds. It combines the great car customization and open world of Underground with the police chases of Hot Pursuit and the solid racing gameplay that the entire series has been known for. Whether on the Xbox or Xbox 360, Need for Speed Most Wanted is a must play for race fans.

10. Blur – Activision

Blur takes the best of developer Bizarre Creation’s Project Gotham Racing series and mashes it with Mario Kart. That means real cars and realistic tracks paired with power sliding and power-ups. And it works amazingly well. Blur is fast paced and fun, but also surprisingly accessible.. The single-player loses steam after a while, but take the game onto Xbox Live and race with up to 20 people and Blur becomes something truly special.

So, you can see here the top 10 car racing games for Xbox 360. If you want to see more reviews or compare prices for  the games you can see the article here.

I hope that this will help you play some racing game even that this car games are not online car racing games.

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