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Truck Racers Game-introI’ve just played the newest online racing game from The game is called Truck Racers and it comes with an interesting idea of truck racing on a circuit. The thing that I like the most is that the trucks are not where you are expecting to be: on a truck circuit.



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I’ve recently read an interesting article about Google+. It seems that they have over 20 millions users so far. Although Google just launched Google+ social network we already know that they have made an investment in Zynga. So, it will be crazy to not expect the social games. I am wandering if we will find any car racing games.

What I’ve discovered so far, by reading articles online, is that there is a help page that is related to games on Google+ and it seems that Google+ is just waiting for the right moment.

I think is clear that Google bought Zynga for a reason and we all know what they did on Facebook with their games. You can find an interesting article here about this issue or here about Google+ investment in Zynga.

So, I think is just a meter of when and if will be there car racing game too!

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Is seems that the Big G is looking to hire a product manager “brand-new business” regarding gaming. It is known that google has in mind to develop his own online games. Google Chrome has got its game store since May 2010. The rumors about bringing social games to its own start to get a real shape.

According to a job listing can be seen on Google’s page. The position is product manager at Mountain View, CA headquarters and the main role is to “to drive Google’s gaming strategy”. It is a rare opportunity and I’m sure that the competition will be harder then you think. But still if you think you are up to it, you can see the details here.

According to the job description, the position will be a high strategic one, with duties like: “designing a great user experience and building out key partnerships.”  This mean relation with different developers, but also working a “team of gamers” and building gaming strategy.

The post it’s not strictly about car racing games, but I think that this can change a bit the online car racing games too due the competition. All this is  showing that Google is definitely going to get into the games business.

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